Next generation PaaS Made Easy

Simplifies app deployment, monitoring and management in various cloud providers or private clouds.


Comprehensive cloud application & services platform for deploying and scaling applications in seconds, always working to add more.

Fast Deploy

Simply select the right environment for your apps, OR apps from DURGA marketplace, with ONE click to deploy.

Any Cloud

Your choice to deploy your apps and services on AWS, Microsoft, HP, IBM, Rackspace, OrionVM, Google or your private cloud.

Manage & Monitor

DURGA offers app management Dashboard and add-on tool sets to control and monitor your applications and services.

Flexible Scalability

DURGA platform automatically scale your Application and Database based on scaling policies you apply.

We take away the pain of middleware

Does this sounds familiar to you? Buying servers, setting up operating system, configuring app service, installing database and finally coding. Why not let DURGA automate all those tasks for you?

Focus on the code

Best agile development platform for PHP, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Java and .Net. We support any web or background process that you may need and set up and run in seconds, so that you can focus on your code and forget about servers.

You can simply access the code by SSH or Web Cloud IDE. Your team around the world will be able to edit the same code and chat together in real-time.

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Powerful featured Add-On Services *

DURGA offers a number of supplementary services as a complement to the platform, which will benefit you through entire development life-cycle of your project

Cloud IDE

Everything you need for coding. Enable the collaborative development of applications.

Yuruware Monitoring

Powerful tool set for monitoring, alerting & application intelligence of the apps.

Database as a Service

DURGA provides DaaS for your applications, including Oracle, MySQL, SQLServer, MongoDB and more.

Security as a Service

DURGA delivers complete endpoint, email, web and network protection through the cloud, saving your IT department time, effort and costs.

Google Analytics

Not only lets you measure sales and conversions, but also gives you fresh insights into how visitors use your site, how they arrived on your site, and how you can keep them coming back.


Accelerate your entire website including large files such as video & audio perfectly every time.



 * Some Add-On services are delivered by trusted third-party company, you're welcome to join us!


We build private PaaS
for Enterprise

DURGA PaaS provides a single enterprise cloud development environment and a private marketplace, DURGA allows your organization create cloud applications that typically could not exist in public.

The ability to create hybrid clouds would allow you to move to public cloud when extra capacity is required.

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Meet Our customers

We have deployed DURGA PaaS crossing Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia, over 1,000 customers have signed up and taken a trial on the platform

Orion App Store
OrionVM is an 100% Australian owned and based Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS) provider. OrionVM Partner AppStore offers free and commercial applications for SMEs.
North West Melbourne Medical Specialists (NWMMS) - is a privately held specialist medical practice based in Melbourne, Australia. NWMMS uses DURGA PaaS to deploy and manage business applications for running their day to day business activities.

A price that fits your needs

DURGA Cloud offers flexible Pay-As-You-Go Plans, Application Flavors and Addons. Please contact us if you further requirements.

Memory 1GB
MySQL Services 2
App Storage 0.75GB
DB Storage 0.25GB
Data Transfer I/O 2GB
Trials for 6 months!
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2GB Plan
AU$49/ month
Free Sandbox included
Memory 2GB
MySQL Services 4
App Storage 1.75GB
DB Storage 1GB
Data Transfer I/O 15GB
Best plan to start with!
4 GB Plan
AU$99/ month
Free Sandbox included
Memory 4GB
MySQL Services 6
App Storage 3GB
DB Storage 1.5GB
Data Transfer I/O 30GB
8 GB Plan
AU$198/ month
Free Sandbox included
Memory 8GB
MySQL Services 10
App Storage 6.5GB
DB Storage 3GB
Data Transfer I/O 45GB
16 GB Plan
AU$396/ month
Free Sandbox included
Memory 16GB
MySQL Services 16
App Storage 12.75GB
DB Storage 6GB
Data Transfer I/O 60GB

Tell us about your projects and we'll let you know which plan would best fit your needs.
Sandbox tire is FREE for all paying customer and do not expire (Under Freemium plan Sandbox is valid only for six months)


The Public Beta free trial includes all features.We appreciate your feedback and your perspective.

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